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Foci of the conference: 

1.  "Support Obama to BE the Obama We Voted For -Not the Inside-the-Beltway Pragmatist/Realist whose compromises have led to a decrease in his popularity and opened the door for a revival of the just-recently-discredited Right wing."

We believe that a spiritual progressive movement needs to be both supportive and lovingly critical of this Administration-about Afghanistan, its weak health care plan, its capitulation on human rights, its dumping hundreds of billions into the coffers of the banks, insurance companies and pharmaceuticals while doing way too little for the poor and the powerless.

2. We will focus on developing positive ideas and programs for an economy and society that more fully embodies your highest values, as well as concrete ideas for what we could do for global (including Middle East) peace and reconciliation, and ideas about how to put single payer health care back into the national conversation to amend whatever faulty proposal has been passed by Congress.

3.  We will develop our inner resources both intellectual and spiritual for the long-process of building fundamental transformation in our global and domestic policies so that we can save the planet and ourselves from the various lurking environmental, military, economic and political disasters we face. We will also strengthen our capacities to recognize and rejoice at all the goodness and love that is available to us and that can sustain us and make the process of Tikkun-ing (healing and transforming the world) a joyous and nourishing experience.

Registration for the conference will be available at our website in mid-November 2009.

You DO NOT have to be religious or believe in God to be a "spiritual progressive." We welcome people not only from every religious community but also those who are "spiritual but not religious," including some who are militant atheists or agnostics. Our criterion: do you agree with our New Bottom Line for Western societies. Our New Bottom Line urges people to judge institutions, corporations, legislation, social practices, health care, our educational and legal systems, and our social policies (as well as our personal behavior)  by how much love and compassion, kindness and generosity, and ethical and ecological sensitivity they inculcate within is, and by how much they nurture our capacity to respond to other human beings as embodiments of the sacred who can and do respond to the universe with gratitude, awe, and wonder at the grandeur of all that is. If you are supportive of our New Bottom Line, you are a spiritual progressive. Please read who this plays out in political policy terms by going to and reading out Spiritual Covenant with America and the details of our Global Marshall Plan.


Schedule at a Glance  (Very tentative and will change depending on speakers' availabililty)


Friday, June 11         

Conference Opening - Interfaith celebrationKeynote

Speakers:  Chris Hedges, Sister Joan Chittister, Rabbi Michael Lerner

*Focus on How we can Support Obama to BE The Obama We Voted For

Workshops on

*Afghanistan/Pakistan/Iraq Wars,  *Economic Recovery,  *Nuclear Disarmament *Growth of a Potentially Violent Right Wing Force in the U.S.,  *Non-Violent Communication, *Healing Israel/Palestine,  *the 2010 Elections, *How to Help Congress  Develop a Back Bone, *Building Supportive Ties Between Clergy, *A New Bottom Line in our Professions and Businesses 

Shabbat Celebration


Saturday, June 12     


Drawing on Spiritual Wisdom of our Diverse Spiritual and Religious Traditions

            *For Social Transformation and Healing

            *For Personal Transformation and Healing

Workshops on Environment,  Sexuality, Reproductive Rights, Aging, Facing Sickness and Death, Human Rights, Spiritual Ways to Deal with Religious Fundamentalism, Psycho-Spiritual Techniques for Overcoming Societal Denial and Fear,  Empowerment for Social Activists,  Transforming the Practice of Medicine, Transforming the Practice of Law,  Transforming our Educational System, Transforming the Universities, Trasforming Media

Musical Celebration

Sunday, June 13

Sunday morning Worship

Sunday Afternoon: *Training for Congressional Sessions

*Building Spiritual Progressive Activities in Your Home Region


Sunday Evening:  Celebration of Spiritual, Religious Diversity


Monday, June 14

Morning: Sessions with Congressional Leaders and Representatives of the Obama Administration

Monday Afternoon: Debriefing and Training for Continuing this Work


Conference will open Friday morning, June 11 and continue through Monday, June 14

All sessions will be held at the Church of the Reformation 212 E. Capitol St. Washington, DC


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