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The NSP wants advanced industrial countries of the world to use their resources to eliminate, once and for all global and domestic, poverty, homelessness, and hunger; provide quality education and health care for all; and repair the global environment. As an initial commitment, we want the U.S. to donate at least 1-2% of its Gross Domestic Product each year for the next twenty years, in the form of a Global Marshall Plan (GMP).

We have put together a comprehensive introduction to the GMP idea and plans, dividing content up into logical parts so that you can find what you are interested in quickly. Use the navigation at the left to jump to whatever you are most interested in.

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The fullest account of our plan lies in the Global Marshall Plan brochure, which you can download now by clicking here. It is a PDF (Adobe Acrobat document) that you can read online and print.


House Resolutions 1078 and 1016

House Resolution 1078, "The Global Marshall Plan," was introduced into the 110th Congress. The resolution called for the creation of a plan that demonstrates the commitment of the United States to world peace and prosperity. The 111th Congress has updated the resolution (now HR 1016).


The Plan

The Network of Spiritual Progressives is working on its own version of the Global Marshall Plan. Our plan promotes all the world's people to work in solidarity to eliminate poverty once and for all, and to heal the environmental crisis. It is a commitment to peace, social justice, and the ecological sanity of our planet.


Strategy of Generosity

What makes the NSP Global Marshall plan unique? Its foundation - it is based on the Strategy of Generosity. This strategy recognizes that lasting security for America is best achieved through policies of generosity and genuine caring, not through domination and fear.


5 Points for a Better World

In a nutshell, the NSP Global Marshall Plan strives to: 1) use 1-2% of our GDP each year to reduce global poverty, disease, illiteracy, and environmental destruction; 2) create an international agency to ethically oversee all funding; 3) improve trade agreements to benefit all nations, not just the technically advanced ones; 4) create an international peace and justice corps to work throughout the world; and 5) cut back on military spending and retrain the military to build and rebuild vital infrastructure.



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A Rabbi's Thoughts

The Global Marshall Plan is a "work-in-progress." As Rabbi Lerner shares his vision of the Plan with others, he gains new insights and a greater understanding of the issues at hand. This helps him refine his vision. As a result, the Plan you see today may not be the Plan you see in several months. We've kept a number of Rabbi Lerner's essays over the last year to demonstrate his evolving thoughts about the Global Marshall Plan.



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