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Please print this out, circulate it to all your friends and contacts, use it as the basis for educating them to the NSP perspective on why NOT to be "realistic," and then ask them to sign it get their friends to sing it before returning it to us at our mail box address:  Tikkun/NSP, 2342 Shattuck Ave #1200, Berkeley, Ca. 94708

Please circulate widely:

Dear President Obama, U.S. Senators and Congressional Representatives:


We, the undersigned, plead with you to reframe your political agenda in terms of the core values held by most Americans who elected you: our desire and yearning for a world based on love and generosity, caring for each other and caring for the planet, peace and social justice, and awe and wonder at the grandeur of the universe.

Then, whenever you back a particular piece of legislation or social policy, show us how it does in fact specifically enhance these values in the world.

            Please stop giving double messages. You cannot speak the language of peace while you escalate a war. Nor can you give priority to the interests of the banks and investment companies and then try to reclaim a populist banner.

            We urge you to support:

* A Global and Domestic Marshall Plan to end once and for all poverty, hunger, homelessness, inadequate education, inadequate health care and to repair the global environment.

* An Environmental and Ethical  Responsibility Amendment to the US Constitution that unequivocally says that corporations are not persons, that the Congress has the obligation to dramatically reduce the role of money in politics and in lobbying for social policies, that our government must make environmental sustainability a high priority and encourage democratic control of the economy.

*An end the “War on Terror,” redefine terror as a police issue and terrorists as well-armed criminals, not a threat to our national survival, and order the Armed Services to help in providing those in financial need with assistance and training in needed skills as part a Domestic and Global Marshall Plan. Use your power as Commander in Chief to promote officers who embrace this “Strategy of Generosity” and to direct resources and troops to this most effective path toward homeland security. 

* “Medicare For Everyone” and insist on generic drugs to lower their prices

* Educational Reform: Teach students a New Bottom Line: that what really counts most in life is to enhance our own and each other’s capacities to be loving, kind, generous, caring for each other, environmental and ethical responsibility, and awe and wonder at the universe. Judge schools successful as much by how well they do at turning out students who live by these values as how well they do at math. Use this New Bottom Line as the criterion for judging productivity & efficiency in corporations and in government and in all your policy deliberations.

*Please articulate a fundamental worldview of caring for others, generosity and environmental responsibility and  make it obvious at every step along the way how your decisions flow from that worldview—knowing full well that that worldview is going to put you into conflict with some of your funders and many of the corporate interests that have up till now shaped media coverage and political discourse. DON’T BE “REALISTIC”—go for the ideals that we all share and you will find people across all normal left/right divisions rallying to support you!

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Return to  Tikkun/NSP  2342 Shattuck Ave, #1200, Berkeley, Ca. 94704

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